1. The college conducts test examination for all students except the +2 first year students. The +2 first year students have to appear half yearly examination around Nov-Dec and Annual examination at the end of the Academic year. Monthly tests are conducted for the students of all classes. The dates and programme of the examination is notified to the students well in advance. 
  2. All examinations are compulsory and the students remaining absent without prior permission of the Principal will be penalised. Students avoiding these examinations shall not be promoted to appear at the Council, University Examination. 
  3. The students will be sent up for the University and H.S. Examination or promoted to the 2nd year of +2 class primarily on the basis of marks obtained in the college examinations. No student shall be sent up or promoted unless he/she secures the minimum marks prescribed by the Council/University. However, the staff council possesses the discretionary power to determine the criteria for promotion from time to time. 
  4. Application for leave of absence due to illness must be accompanied with a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner duly attested by the parent or guardian. 
  5. Any case of mal-practice at any college examination will be viewed seriously and the candidate involved in mal-practice shall be penalised with fine or cancellation of the said examination as decided by the staff council. 
  6. If student fails to appear at both the examinations of a year she/he will be automatically detained.


Rules to be observed by the students in the Examination. 

  1. Candidates should bring their own pen and mathematical instruments. 
  2. No Cell Phone, book or printed paper or manuscript should be brought into the examination hall. They are advised not to get any book or note book to the college on the examination days as nobody can take the responsibility of safeguarding them. 
  3. The candidates should bring their identity cards and admit cards to the examination positively. 
  4. No candidate shall leave the Examination Hall before the passage of one hour after the commencement of the examination. Temporary absence from the hall for more than 2-3 minutes is a violation of examination rules and discipline and such candidate will be punished as per provision by the centre superintendent. 
  5. Candidates should not make any noise or disturbance in the hall or misbehave with the invigilator. Such cases will be seriously viewed and it may amount to expulsion by the centre superintendent then and there. 
  6. The candidates should not have any other material with them except pen, pencil or instrument box. Those in possession of incriminating materials shall be booked under mal-practice cases and then law will take its own course to deal with such cases.
  7. Candidates are to strictly observe the rules laid down by the university or the council maintained at the back side of the Admit Cards. The same rules will also be applicable for college examination. 
  8. Infringement of the above rules or misbehaviour shall render a candidate liable for expulsion from examination hall or such other punishment as the principal may deem it proper. 


    A student should have 75% of the attendance in general lectures and practical classes in order to be eligible to be sent up for Council or University Examinations. The same percentage is also required to be promoted from the 1st year to 2nd year of +2 classes. Cases below 75% of attendance will not be ordinarily considered and would be detained. However, condonation  may be granted to the extent of 15% in exceptional cases on the production of medical certificate. In case of +2 the students should have 80% of attendance in practical taken separately in addition to 75% of attendance in general lectures. Council grants condonation to the extent of 10% in exceptional cases.